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We begin to publish stories of Afghan war veterans. They are written in different ways. But they have the same feature, which makes them invaluable - they are evidences of authors victory over themselves, over their inner emotional experience, over hard and bloody recollections, which are gnawing a man from the inside and sometimes override all his actions and behaviours. Just read them and try to imagine what price authors paid for such a victory.

Few words from the translator: As every war has its own specific features, slang etc. a lot depends on mentality of people involved in a war, I foresee that there will be something in stories which is difficult to understand due to above mentioned reasons. Sometimes one has to be born in a definite country to understand everything a hundred percent and even knowledge of language cannot help. I would be very grateful if you send us your comments and questions in order to give us a chance to put some explanations of what was difficult to understand. As well as English is not my native language I’d like you to give me correcting remarks regarding English.

I’d like to thank my friends Garrett Soden (U.S.) and David Bell (UK) who took part in editing of this stories.

Sergey Alexandrov

Pavel Andreev

Vladimir Grigoriev

Alexey Vasil'ev

Valeriy Zhigunov

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